New York native Daniel Keene is a lutenist, guitarist, arranger, composer, and consort/chamber musician.

A multi-instrumentalist, Daniel performs on an array of historic and modern plucked string instruments such as the Renaissance lute, Renaissance bandora, Baroque lute, Baroque guitar, nineteenth century guitar, modern guitar, and extended electric guitars. He has concertized extensively as a soloist, chamber/consort player, and pit orchestra musician in New York and throughout the United States in a variety of settings. He regularly performs with violinist Lisa Casal-Galietta as the Moka Pot Duo, pianist Dr. Fang-Yi Chu, soprano Dr. Erin Heisel, tenor Drew Ivarson, lutenist Matthew Weinman, The Red Door Chamber Players, and The Samadi-Keene Piano & Guitar Duo. He has also performed with Long Island Baroque Ensemble, The Bacheler Consort, The New Place Players, The Golden Williams Duo, and many others. 

Daniel has been on the music faculty at SUNY Nassau since 2013; teaching applied guitar, guitar master class, music theory, and beginning guitar as well as directing the NCC Guitar Ensemble. He has also served on the faculty at Adelphi University where he taught applied guitar and directed the Adelphi Guitar Ensemble. Daniel teaches lute and guitar online globally and in New York.

Daniel began playing the electric guitar at the age of nine and in his late teens the Classical guitar and Renaissance lute which sparked his interest in early music. He studied with Jerry Willard, Xavier Díaz-Latorre, Arthur Haas, William Zito, and Stephen Leonard. Daniel attended SUNY Stony Brook University, Adelphi University, and SUNY Nassau.

Main Instruments and Strings:

Grant Tomlinson 2009 10-course Frei Lute

Cezar Mateus 2017 8-course Hieber Lute

Cabasse-Bernard c. 1820 Nineteenth Century Guitar

Guillermo Del Pilar 1976 Classical Guitar

Kiesel & Ibanez Electric Guitars

Kurschner, Aquila, and Savarez Strings