Lute & Guitar Lessons

Remote Lessons

Online Globally

Lessons are available online through Zoom. For the best experience, you will need a webcam, microphone, headphones, and a strong internet connection. Before we begin lessons, I would be happy to meet with you on Zoom to help you with your set up and adjusting your computer's sound settings for the most natural sound possible.

Though any amount of time for a lesson is possible, 45-minute and 60-minute lessons are the most popular among my students. Lessons may be taken weekly or scheduled as needed. The rate is $5 over the number of minutes you choose to have.

Face-To-Face Lessons

Home Studio in Queens, NY

Face-to-face lessons are slowly being introduced to current students. Though most lessons are still conducted online via zoom, we may have the occasional lesson in person.

Renaissance Lute

  • Thumb In (under) & Thumb Out (over) Techniques

  • 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10 course Renaissance Lutes

  • Renaissance & Early Baroque

  • The many styles and genres of England, Scotland, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, etc...

  • Tablature (Italian, French, Spanish), Standard Notation (all clefs), and Figured Bass (continuo)

Classical Guitar

  • Spanish Technique, French Technique, 19th Century Technique

  • Playing with and/or without nails

  • Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century, Contemporary, Spanish, Folk, and many other styles.

  • Standard Notation, Tablature, Chart Reading

Electric & Acoustic Guitar

  • Pickstyle & Fingerstyle

  • 6, 7, & 8 string guitars

  • Fusion, Metal, Rock, Pop, Blues, Folk, Ambient, etc...

  • Standard Notation, Tablature, Chart Reading

For twenty years, Daniel Keene has been teaching lute and guitar to students of all ages and levels in the New York metropolitan area and online globally.

Daniel has been on the music faculty at SUNY Nassau Community College since 2013; directing the NCC Guitar Ensemble, holding weekly master classes, and teaching applied guitar, beginning guitar, and music theory, as well as giving demonstrations on early plucked string instruments for early music history courses. He has also served on the faculty at Adelphi University where he directed the Adelphi Guitar Ensemble and taught applied guitar and beginning guitar. In 2010, Daniel co-founded the popular music lesson service Galliard Music with friend Brian Lee of Silent Travelers.

Please feel free to contact me with absolutely any questions you may have or to schedule a lesson!